‼️Attention moms of preteens and teenage girls!!

So many of you moms have been messaging me with makeup questions and inquiring about my makeup lessons for your daughter.  

💕As girls, it's important to remember where our beauty really comes from💕
So I thought I’d put together something really special for them at my home studio 🤩

As moms it’s natural to be concerned about your little girl beginning to wear makeup and grow up too fast. Questions like ‘’Is she even old enough to be wearing this?’’ and ‘’How much is too much?’’

Whatever the case may be, this class will benefit your daughter. And having the right beauty and makeup essentials will help her and you with the process. 

We will touch on Who defines what a girl should look like? Who decides what beautiful means? Is it the media, our friends, or ourselves? What kind of message makeup can send and why, how important skincare is, then we will finish with a how-to  basic makeup application. 

How much 💰 

💋Package A:  Class + swag bag + t-shirt = $ 200

💋Package B: Class + swag bag + t-shirt + skincare = $ 250

💋Package C: Class + swag bag  + t-shirt + skincare + all the makeup and tools = $300 

💄All girls will receive a t-shirt, swag bag, personalized face chart, and refreshments💄

$100 deposit required to book her spot in the class!
Remaining amount can be paid the week of camp!